Mommy & Me Meditation Time Crystal Accident ):


Image(This picture was from a personal meditation session. Not a ‘mommy & me’ session)


Everyday, several times a day, Madison does ‘meditation time’ with me. Where we lay out a blanket and sit on pillows, light candles, I let her pick out crystals, sing a song depending on the theme of our ‘meditation time’. Well today Madison pretended to swallow a crystal. So now to be safe we won’t be using any more crystals. ): But I do plan on getting her a little bag and getting some meditation, peaceful doo dadds for her to use during the mediation time. Now sure what I’m going to get for her though

Seeing Into The 4th Demention


Had a dream God came down to me because he heard my curiosity. He gave the the ability to see in 4D. It was beautiful. But aweful. My eyes and brain couldn’t comprehend it and I was in so much agony. I begged for it to stop. I couldn’t handle it.

Crazy how my brain can come up with these beautiful things in my dream state. I wish I could describe how I saw in 4D. It was unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. It was beautiful and horrible at the same time. It was something I wasn’t ready for. But I’m happy I experienced that dream.